Why enter the competition

Top three Reasons to Enter the EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM AWARD Competition: 

1. Earn the honour, recognition and respect your product deserve 

Winning the EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM AWARD means you have created an outstanding aluminium product or technology worthy of international recognition! Let your clients, your colleagues, your competitors, and the news media know that you are an award-winning industry leader. Nothing says “we’re the best” like an expert third party endorsement. 

2. Show your innovation regardless of your company size

 It’s difficult for new and small firms to compete against brand-name companies. Consumers need to have confidence in your business. A EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM AWARD affords the credibility and legitimacy you need to compete in the global marketplace. Whether you are a small firm or a listed company, all entries face the same judging process and are eligible to win the same prestigious award. We give equal treatment to all entries.

3. Benefit from new marketing possibilities 

Winning a EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM AWARD is a newsworthy event and a catalyst for publicity and new business. The winners will be communicated to the public in the Award marketing campaign-Advertise your success, too! Send an e-mail announcement to your clients. Issue a press release. If you have a newsletter, send out a “Special Edition.” Award recognition gives prospects confidence in your business and is especially useful if you are a small or new firm. Don't let your achievement go unnoticed – this is a great marketing opportunity.


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